Playlist – Honorable Mentions

Not all of our trips have neat, clean sets of songs associated with them. Sometimes it is a single song. Sometimes an older song leaps into the mind. Sometimes (in the case of the around the world trip) it was hearing ABBA. A lot. Everywhere.

Here are some audio snapshots from other trips.

Cambodia - 1996You Can Call Me Al
Paul Simon
Somewhere in Phnom Penh, the lyrics of the last verse - about being in a street in a strange world - leapt into my head. It captured the feeling of being a stranger where all that was going on around me were foreign to me and commonplace to everyone else.
Croatia - 1997VolareDriving along the Adriatic sea, stunning skies ...and this song. We had the radio on to pass the time and, for reasons unknown, this tune recurred an unnatural number of times.
Croatia - 1997Any song by John DenverListening to the radio in Croatia, we also heard John Denver songs frequently. We learned later that he had died and these songs were played in tribute.