About Us

about-us-1Team Chasing Fogg

More an aspirational “savvy”

We are a pair of amateur travelers (and even more amateur photographers) with an interest in travel. Travel is what we do when we are not saving up money to be able to travel. We were fortunate to find in each other partners with a similar interest and curiosity in seeing the world and were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work abroad for a few years. There is value to the maxim that one should not marry anyone they have not traveled with.

The name “Chasing Fogg” came from our big 2001 journey when we traveled around the world. Inspired by the Jules Verne character, Phileas Fogg, we sought to circumnavigate the globe without using air transportation in under 80 days. Like Fogg, we chose to start and end our journey in London, England. While no other journey of ours has had quite the scope of the 2001 trip, we have stuck with the name.

While not as young and foolish as we were then, the itching bite from the travel bug continues to need scratching. Travels for work, pleasure, and to see family and friends (usually pleasurable) have provided ongoing opportunities to see the world. We use this site to collect and display stories and images from our journeys. If you have stories to share or comments, we would love to hear from you.

Bon voyage!